Saturday, September 06, 2014

It's been a long time

It has been 4 years since the last entry.

4 years since I was working for somebody else. 4 years since I last danced. 4 years since I've written anything about myself.

My facebook picture is now a baby picture of myself. I do not post updates on my facebook wall anymore. I don't reply to messages very often and I do not keep in contact with most of my friends.

Things have gotten very busy offline. 

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Like everyone else, I am sure I don't have the right answers to everything and I tend to follow the set path other people tried before. Recently I have made up my mind to go full time to build up my business but I am also distracted with the corporate world and its many "benefits".

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello blog,

I have not forgotten you. In fact, I check on you frequently to see if there is any update, like it will happen on its own.

The competition has ended and I am really relieved. I know I am not cut to do this so I am not surprised with the results at all. Just feeling sorry for my partner who spent time and effort on this. I am now going to take a break and stop taking lessons from the studio. Need to gain momentum to do important stuffs I've been shelving.

What important stuffs? Firstly, I'm planning a holiday trip with my family. Netherlands is my first choice but looking at my resources right now, I think I have to settle for Phuket. Guess there is no White Christmas for me this year.

I also need to work harder on my projects. There are 5 more apps to be completed before the new year and I am only at the first one. An interesting idea came to mind recently which will probably take up the entire holiday I have planned in December. :)

Work wise, same old. 2011 will be an exciting year with lots of change

That's it. Whatever is on my mind now.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

The train to nowhere

I have come to believe that humans being humans, we created 99% of our own problems, individually or collectively.

For example, most people are not happy with their work. Most people have to work more than 12 hours a day and end up being drained of energy and strength. Most people are forced to drive this thing we call productivity higher and higher. And most people are deprived of healthy eating and sleeping even though the world is "producing more goodies"

What's the reason to increase productivity all the time? i'm sure most people realized that most of these processes do not solve our problems but add to them. For example, climate change is a result of selfish consumption of resources. How many people realize they are destroying the Earth everyday? how many of them cared?

The people who are paid with the best salaries reside in the major cities while people who grow important crops and food for everyone else remain the poorest people. Rich city people are living an excessive lifestyle that is definitely not healthy. Overweight cases, depressed people, high level of stress, working like robots. While poor people, suffer from a lack of resources.

I know this is a rather pessimistic view, but I am concerned about where we are all heading. To be honest, is this need to keep increasing "productivity" improving anything at all? Do we need to produce so much meat every year and clear rainforests to make way for farms, so that fast food restaurants can sell more hamburgers to kids? Do we need to keep coming up with new products that only take away more resources? Is it necessary to force workers to be more and more productive to keep up with this "growth".

I just hope future businesses will evolve away from this senseless money making world. Who is really benefiting from the economy of this world today?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Engine Restarted

I finally have the means to start writing again, thanks to this app I'm using on my iPad/iPhone.

Anyway, I have also started a few websites. Most of them are currently under going work but soon I'll get all of them up. - primarily used for testing web designs and template for my other sites. - documents my lifestyle experiments as well as other interesting projects. - plan to use this for the photo stories but I haven't got the time to get to it. - my team's website. JJ is working on it now

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The big picture :)

I think having the iPad helps in big ways. Like I was just having the monday blues (cos it was officially Monday already) and all the thoughts of what has to be done in the week was keeping me from sleeping and I turned on my iPad and started doing some planning. I love to plan!

Looking at the calender helps me see how things are going to be a few months down the road. I may be having some forms of stress right now but it's not going to be there for long. I was also playing on excel to do some financial planning. things seem to be looking good :). I've been having headaches about it cos the company expenses are mixed up with my own.

I think I can finally get enough peace to go to sleep.

I remember a friend asked if I was spreading myself too thin.... and I'm starting to think that I am.

What happened? Overly optimistic again. I'm always thinking I can use the limited time to do so many things. Well , in the end, I'm getting stressed up for nothing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The reason why I'm insomniac tonight is due to some unpleasant events at work, but I'll probably not talk about it. Something I have to face myself.

I was just reading an article on "plasticine men"- people too engrossed with their work that they lose all their senses and goals. They are mostly in their mid 30s and hold a decent white collar job.
Even though there's a fair distribution of plasticine men around the world, a heavy concentration can be found in Asia.

This is precisely what I'm going to talk about tonight. How to avoid becoming a plasticine man.

Well firstly, most people spend more than 8hrs a day on their work. This is more than half of the waking hours spent. So if you're going to spend so much time doing something, it has to be something we like.

How do you know if you like it? The thing is, even with a job that you like, unpleasant things can happen at work too. So it may be hard at times to know if you really love the job. Recently, someone told me a brilliant method to gauge your love: Take the "VIA Survey of Character Strengths" (Google it!!!)

This simple survey reflects the top 5 strengths that you possess. The theory is that if you get to execute/use your top 5 strengths on a daily basis, you can be sure that you're on the right track.

Anyway, my top 5 are:

Your Top Strength

Curiosity and interest in the world
You are curious about everything. You are always asking questions, and you find all subjects and topics fascinating. You like exploration and discovery.

Your Second Strength

Love of learning
You love learning new things, whether in a class or on your own. You have always loved school, reading, and museums-anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity to learn.

Your Third Strength

Appreciation of beauty and excellence
You notice and appreciate beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience.

Your Fourth Strength

Creativity, ingenuity, and originality
Thinking of new ways to do things is a crucial part of who you are. You are never content with doing something the conventional way if a better way is possible.

Your Fifth Strength

Hope, optimism, and future-mindedness
You expect the best in the future, and you work to achieve it. You believe that the future is something that you can control.